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Anti-Gun Congresswoman Introduces Magazine Ban, Aims Slippery Slope at the Gun on Your Hip

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We’ve been down this road before, and we know gun control doesn’t work. …read more

Source:: NRA

Anti-Gun Billionaire George Soros Pumps $18 Billion into His Political Apparatus

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In recent years, Soros’s anti-gun efforts have been eclipsed by those of another billionaire, former-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. However, the Open Society continues to attack American gun owners. …read more

Source:: NRA

No Sale: Marketing Tricks in Gun Control

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Advertising professionals know that switching to a fresh new moniker and a more contemporary or dynamic logo can revitalize a tired or humdrum brand. …read more

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Actress and Everytown for Gun Safety member Julianne Moore Calls for Limiting Number of Guns People Can Own

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Actress and gun control activist Julianne Moore endorsed limiting the number of firearms U.S. citizens can own, gun licensing and registration during an appearance Thursday on “The View.”
…read more

Source:: NRA

NRA Doesn’t ‘Buy’ Politicians, but Gun Controllers Do

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Gun control supporters who peddle the myth about NRA money aren’t only wrong, they are ignoring team gun control’s own sordid history of buying politicians. And forget Michael Bloomberg for the moment, gun control supporters have purchased lawmakers using taxpayer dollars. …read more

Source:: NRA

Bad News For “Universal” Background Check Supporters

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NRATV Host Cam Edwards describes a study that shows the ineffectiveness of so-called “universal” background checks …read more

Source:: NRA

Man facing kidnapping and robbery charges in Windsor

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A man is facing charges in Windsor after police say he robbed a woman at gunpoint — then forced her into her car and started driving.
…read more

Source:: NRA

Vancouver homeowner, former mayoral candidate, shoots prowler

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The Vancouver Major Crime Unit is investigating after police said a homeowner shot a suspected prowler in his backyard Wednesday morning. …read more

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Middletown woman fires gun into air as home break-in suspects flee

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After seeing two people trying to break into her home Saturday morning, a Middletown woman fired her gun into the air as the suspects ran away. …read more

Source:: NRA

Murphy Disputes Washington Post Fact Checker On Gun Control Laws

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In a string of tweets late Tuesday, Sen. Chris Murphy disputed a Washington Post analysis that gave him “three Pinocchios” for his claim that stricter gun control laws reduce gun violence. …read more

Source:: NRA