Retired Law Enforcement Officers Concealed Carry Course and Certification (LEOSA)

LEOSAHR218badgeThis class is one to two hours in length depending on the students’ abilities and must be attended one time per year to maintain their certification. This course consists of classroom refresher training, and live fire range qualifications. Firearms qualifications will consist of the standard AZPOST 50 round course that was implemented January 2013 and a judgmental shoot per AZPOST requirements. After completing this course a Prescott Gun Club LEOSA instructor will assist the retired law enforcement officer in completing the Arizona Department of Public Safety LEOSA certificate of firearms proficiency form.

Prerequisite(s): Served as a peace officer, police officer or federal law enforcement officer/agent. Was certified to carry a firearm while on duty. Meets the requirements of a qualified retired law enforcement officer. Has been issued a photographic identification card by the agency from which the individual separated from service as a law enforcement officer. Is not prohibited to own or carry a firearm by state or federal law, medical doctor, or mental health professional.
Course Tuition: $50.00
Class Size:  Maximum of 12
Officers from all states may attend as long as they are now Arizona residents.

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For more information on LEOSA, visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety website.