NRA 3 Gun Shooting Event

nratraininglogoThe NRA Sports Department is proud to present a fun, exhilarating, and physical activity to expose new and intermediate shooters to the fastest-growing action shooting sports in the world. NRA Sports Recreational Shooting Activity of NRA 3 Gun shooting event has different levels of competitiveness and different calibers of firearms being used during the shooting event. This is an excellent way of bringing new shooters and advanced shooters into the sport of shooting competitions. Attendees will have to demonstrate their athletic and tactical abilities in a fun and safe manner.

Equipment Required:
One pump-action shotgun with stock, 00 Buckshot
One AR-style rifle with .223 or 5.56 ammunition
One pistol caliber 380 or larger
eye and ear protection
(kneepads optional but recommended)

Winners in men’s and women’s categories will receive a door prize.