Marksmanship Firearms Training Course 200

semiautoclassThe Prescott Gun Club Marksmanship Firearms Training 200 Course is a 3 to 4 hour course with a low student-teacher ratio that allows for close, personalized attention while still being in a relaxed environment. This class is excellent for those that have taken the Basic Marksmanship or Concealed Carry Course or those with basic firearms shooting skills that would like to improve their knowledge and ability to safely and quickly present their firearm from the holster from open and concealed carry and understand the proper techniques reloading their firearm after shooting. Key fundamental instruction includes range safety rules, handgun safety rules, holster presentation and reloading techniques. This course will work with dry practice and live fire drills. This course is a necessity for anyone carrying or shooting a firearm. We highly recommend this class for students interested in moving on to the more advanced shooting courses. The Course is also an excellent review for seasoned shooters that have not been shooting in a while or who are rusty on their holster presentation or reloading techniques.

The equipment and supplies required for this class are eye and ear protection, and at least 75 rounds of ammunition for the firearm you will be using. Firearms may be rented at no cost. However, if you use a rented firearm, you will need to purchase Prescott Gun Club ammunition. Firearms, eye protection, ear protection, and ammunition are available for purchase at Prescott Gun Club.

Prerequisite(s): Basic Marksmanship; Concealed Carry Course or Shooter experience to be approved by PGC staff
Course Tuition: $75.00
Class Size: 10

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