Defensive Shotgun 200

shotgunclassDefensive Shotgun 200 is a 3-hour course which will first focus on a review of skills from Introduction to Shotguns 100.  Participants will then move on to advanced skills development, to include: basic shotgun reloading techniques, shooting at stationary targets, engaging multiple targets, low-light shooting with barricades and cover, defensive shooting positions, and proper ammunition selection for defensive shooting scenarios.

Equipment and supplies required for this course are a pump action shotgun with stock, 60 rounds of 00 buckshot, eyeing ear protection, attached weapon light, and knee pads. (Optional but highly recommended).

Shotguns, eye protection, ear protection, ammunition, knee pads, and weapon lighting systems are available for purchase at Prescott Gun Club.


Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Shotguns 100
Course Tuition: $150.00

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