Defensive Handgun Skills 400

semiautoclassPrescott Gun Club’s Defensive Handgun Skills 400 Course focuses more on the tactical and defensive aspects of shooting.  This class is a 7 to 8-hour, comprehensive course with instruction provided over two weekdays or, if offered, one full day on Saturday or Sunday.  This class includes proficiency classroom training focusing on gun retention, cover and concealment, and advanced tactical movements.  Our focus will be on firearm safety, drawing a firearm from concealment carry, reaction drills such as scanning and retention, advanced reloading and malfunction drills, tactical shooting with movement, defensive shooting with cover/concealment, and low light and flashlight shooting techniques.

The equipment and supplies required for this class are eye and ear protection, at least 300 rounds of ammunition for the firearm you will be using. If using a semi-automatic pistol bring three magazines and the magazine carrier. If using a revolver bring four speed loaders and speed loader carriers. Also required for this class is a quality strong side holster (no shoulder holsters), a Surefire, Streamlined, Pelican, or similar quality handheld flashlight.

Firearms may be rented at no cost.  However, if you use a rented firearm, you will need to purchase Prescott Gun Club ammunition. Firearms, eye protection, ear protection, holsters, and ammunition are available for purchase at Prescott Gun Club.  (This course qualifies you for your CCW certification).


Prerequisite(s): Pre-approved personal shooting experience accepted by the course instructor or successful completion of the Advance Shooting Skills course (300RV or 300SA)
Course Tuition: $175.00

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