Arizona CCW Course and Certification

CCWPrescott Gun Club’s Arizona CCW Course an Certification is an eight-hour comprehensive course which is conducted on a Saturdays, 8 AM to 5 PM with free practice time on Sunday, 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. This course is designed for the average shooter with basic firearms knowledge and includes live fire range training for basic target qualification. This course will provide you with all of the necessary training, qualification, and documentation needed to submit a complete application to DPS for your CCW permit.

In this course you will learn the benefits of having a CCW permit over just carrying a concealed weapon per Arizona statute. If you are not sure which firearm would be best for you to carry concealed, Prescott Gun Club offers free rental guns to help you make that determination.

In order to obtain a CCW permit, you must be fingerprinted and submit the fingerprint cards to DPS along with class completion certificate.  You can either get your fingerprint cards here for a $20 cash fee, or obtain them from a local law enforcement agency and bring the two completed cards with you.  If you decide to get your fingerprints from Prescott Gun Club and sign up for the class here on the website, be sure to add the Fingerprint Cards when you complete your class registration.

Equipment and supplies required for this course include a firearm, a holster or concealment holster of your choice, and over shirt or light jacket, and 100 rounds of ammunition for the firearm you will be using.

Firearms may be rented at no cost.  However, if you use a rented firearm, you will need to purchase Prescott Gun Club ammunition.  Firearms, eye protection, ear protection, and ammunition, are available for purchase at Prescott Gun Club. Prerequisite(s): None Course Tuition: $115.00 Class Size:  6 to 12

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