About The Range

meggitt1Prescott Gun Club is Prescott’s only indoor shooting range, with retail and training classes encompassing a wide variety of firearm and related self-defense courses.  It is not only designed for the experienced, avid shooter, but also for the novice and occasional shooter.  We also welcome those who are interested in learning more about responsible firearm ownership and safety as well as those just starting out in the shooting sport.

The overall safety of shooters and spectators is a priority that has received special attention in the design and construction of the range.  Prescott Gun Club’s indoor range meets or surpasses military specifications for indoor shooting facilities.   State-of-the-art range equipment includes a high speed target carrier system and a high volume filtered ventilation system effectively removing smoke, lead and other contaminants from the shooter.

Features include:

  • Eight 25-yard indoor lanes
  • Meggitt Training System with state of the art electronic LCD screen programmable target system
  • Meggitt Range Master controller allowing simultaneous control of all lanes for competition shooting and certificationsmeggitt2
  • Individual Protected Shooting lanes with folding shooting table allowing static and prone shooting
  • Fully Tactical range with side walls protected by AR500 steel and ballistic materials
  • Sound dampening ballistic tiles
  • Indoor 3 Gun competitions
  • A rubber bullet trap to reduce ricochets and lead splatter commonly found with steel bullet traps

The facility also features:

  • Retail Shop offering firearms, ammo, accessories and apparel
  • Space for classes, events, training and personal one on one instruction
  • A wide variety of rental firearms



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